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A Black American Crisis Within the Global Pandemic: California Is Investigating Unequal Death Rate, Says Gov. Newsom
(SACRAMENTO OBSERVER) -“One size does not fit all,” said Gov. Newsom at a press conference yesterday addressing mounting evidence that more African Americans are dying from COVID-19 complications than any other race across the United States and here in California. Read More

As COVID-19 Slams into Black Communities Many Question: Where’s the Data?
(BLACK VOICE NEWS) – The California Department of Public Health’s (CDPH) website displays an informative graphic titled “COVID-19 by the Numbers.” This graphic updates the status of COVID-19 cases in California as it spreads throughout the state, highlighting important details about the status of its impact (including total number of confirmed cases statewide). The information is further divided into categories which include age, gender hospitalizations, and fatalities. There is, however, one missing component—a breakdown by race. Read More

 California: COVID-19 Curve Flattens, But ‘Pandemic Parties’ Don’t Stop Despite Celeb PSAs
(SACRAMENTO OBSERVER) – California is beginning to show progress in flattening the curve, thanks to shelter in place orders placed by cities and counties. According Dr. Deborah Birx, a member of the White House coronavirus task force, California and Washington state “remain steady at an 8 percent rate” of new positive COVID-19 test results. Read More
Impact of Covid-19 on Census Participation and California’s Black Communities
(BLACK & MAGAZINE) – As the Coronavirus pandemic halts daily life in America, many are turning to social media to share stories of how the fast-moving virus is impacting their lives. But in the days leading up to declarations of states of emergencies in California and around the country, social media users began sharing that their posts were being removed because they were related to COVID-19, also known as Coronavirus. Read More

Census 2020, COVID-19 and California’s Black Communities
(BLACK VOICE) – April 1st marked the official kick-off of the 2020 Census—a once in a decade count of every “person” in America regardless of citizenship status.  Read More
California Expands Telehealth Services
(IE VOICE) – On Friday, the governor issued an order—in alignment with Federal Health and Human Services guidelines and waivers issued in response to COVID-19—allowing health care providers to use video chats and applications to provide health services without risk of penalty. Read More

Your Taxes, Cash Flow and the COVID-19 Crisis: An Interview With BOE Member Malia Cohen
(SACRAMENTO OBSERVER) – A little over one year ago, members of the California Board of Equalization (BOE) unanimously selected Malia M. Cohen, former President of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, to chair the 141-year-old state agency. Read More

Governor Newsom Launches One-Stop Website for Donations & Sales of Essential Medical Supplies in Fight Against COVID-19
(WESTSIDE STORY NEWS) – Governor Gavin Newsom today announced the launch of a new website,, to get critical medical supplies to the front lines of California’s fight against COVID-19. The website will allow individuals and companies to donate, sell or offer to manufacture 13 of the most essential medical supplies, including ventilators, N95 respirators and testing materials. Read More

The Smallest Black Small Businesses May Now Benefit From California’s $50M COVID-19 Fund If They Can’t Get Fed Help
(BLACK & MAGAZINE) – Last Thursday afternoon, Gov. Newsom announced a new $50 million emergency California micro-loan program targeting the smallest, most vulnerable corporations among the state’s small businesses. Read More

Counting California in the Midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic
(IE VOICE) – “Census data influences decisions made from Main Street to Wall Street, in Congress and with the Federal Reserve. Not to mention, the American people, who look to and trust the data the government releases on our nation’s unemployment, state of our economy, and health insurance coverage.” Read More

COVID-19: The Dangers of Underlying Health Conditions For African Americans(BLACK & MAGAZINE) – As if having to monitor their blood sugar wasn’t enough of a concern, people with diabetes are more likely to develop complications from coronavirus. It is one of the underlying conditions medical experts say put people most at risk of severe COVID-19.  These include diabetes, heart disease, and chronic lung disease. Read More

Pregnancy and Coronavirus: Richmond Woman Shares Her Worries and Hope
(RICHMOND PULSE) – My’rissa Sanders is expecting her first baby in June and is understandably both excited and a little nervous. But the 29-year-old Richmond resident became extra concerned when the COVID-19 pandemic arrived. Read More

Bay Area TANC Helps Tenants to Unionize(OAKLAND POST) – As the COVID-19 pandemic forces mass unemployment and work hour reductions causing over a million Californians to file unemployment insurance claims, Bay Area Tenants and Neighborhood Councils (TANC) is helping tenants to form tenant unions to protect their housing. Read More

NNPA Senior Correspondent Stacy Brown and Wife Shenay Test Positive for COVID-19
(SACRAMENTO OBSERVER) – The National Newspaper Publishers Association has been hit again by the coronavirus. NNPA Senior Correspondent Stacy M. Brown and his wife Shenay have been diagnosed with COVID-19. Read More

Earl Graves, Sr., founder of Black Enterprise Magazine, dies at 85
(LOS ANGELES SENTINEL) – Black Enterprise founder Earl G. Graves Sr. passed away late Monday evening at the age of 85. Read More 

Minority-Owned Media Not Forgotten in Stimulus Legislation
(BLACK & MAGAZINE) – African American-owned media companies and small businesses are included in the massive $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus bill passed by the U.S. Senate.  Read More 
Criminalization will not slow the pandemic
(SF BAY VIEW) – The housing crisis, a shelter in place order and the National Guard: It’s not just coronavirus and disaster capitalism that we need to resist in these unsure times but the increased criminalization of people simply trying to survive. Read More

Wells Fargo Announces Aid for Customers and Communities Impacted by COVID-19
(BLACK & MAGAZINE) – Comprehensive response includes suspending residential foreclosure sales, fee waivers and acceleration of $175 million in donations to help the most vulnerable. Read More

Wear a Mask! OK, But What Kind?
(RICHMOND PULSE) – The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Friday recommended every American wear a face mask while in public to protect against contracting coronavirus. The agency announced that non-medical fabric masks – even scarves or bandannas – could help slow the spread of the infection. State health officials earlier in the week made the same recommendation. Read More

Suing for Discrimination Just Got Harder. Thanks to Byron Allen’s Supreme Court Loss(SACRAMENTO OBSERVER) – Businessman Byron Allen, Comcast and the Supreme Court all had hands in weakening the strongest anti-discrimination law in the history of the United States — as we are consumed watching Coronavirus updates. Read More
CDC Officials Advise, “Wear a Mask”
(IE VOICE) – As the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), virologists and others continue to study the spread of COVID-19 in the United States.  Research has shown there is a significant number of individuals who have the virus but are “asymptomatic;” and, even those who eventually develop COVID-19 (pre-symptomatic), can spread the virus before they become ill.  Read More

The science of soap – here’s how it kills the coronavirus
(SD MONITOR) – Alcohol-based disinfectants are also effective, but soap is a highly efficient way of killing the virus when it’s on your skin. Viruses can be active outside the body for hours, even days. Disinfectants, liquids, wipes, gels, and creams containing alcohol are all useful at getting rid of them – but they are not quite as good as normal soap. Read More

Black Americans Face Alarming Rates of Coronavirus Infection in Some States
(NY TIMES) – Data on race and the disease Covid-19 is too limited to draw sweeping conclusions, experts say, but disparate rates of sickness — and death — have emerged in some places.  Read More

‘Those numbers take your breath away’: Covid-19 is hitting Chicago’s black neighborhoods much harder than others, officials say
(WASHINGTON POST) – Decades of inequality and institutional racism affecting black communities is becoming evident in covid-19 data, Chicago officials said Monday, as Mayor Lori Lightfoot sounded the alarm over significant racial disparities in deaths and coronavirus cases across the city. Read More

African Americans Make Up More Than 70 Percent Of Chicago’s COVID-19 Deaths
(CBS CHICAGO) – African-Americans make up a disproportionate number of the COVID-19 deaths in Chicago, new data shows. Of the 118 total deaths from the disease in Chicago, 81 were black residents. But only 29 percent of the city’s population is black, revealing a deep disparity in who the virus is impacting — and killing — in Chicago.  Read More

Coronavirus disparity in Louisiana: About 70% of the victims are black, but why?
(NOLA.COM) – Roughly 70% of the people who have died from coronavirus in Louisiana are black, a striking disparity for a state where African-Americans make up only 32% of the population that experts attributed to entrenched racial divides around economic opportunity and health care access Read More

Black people who have died from COVID-19
(THE GRIO) –  In memory of those who’ve fallen victim to the novel coronavirus, theGrio has created a digital memorial to honor their lives and the legacy they left behind. We will continue to update this post. Read More

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