THIS WEEK’S TOP NEWS | February 25, 2020


California Black News Brief: Black Caucus Chair Introduces “Reparations” Bill
(CARIB PRESS) – Assemblymember  Shirley Weber (D-San Diego), chair of the California Legislative Black Caucus, has introduced, a new bill, AB 3121. It calls for setting up a task force to study and develop reparation proposals for African Americans. Read More

Governor Newsom makes homelessness top issue in 2020
(SACRAMENTO OBSERVER) – Tossing aside tradition, California’s governor on Wednesday devoted his biggest platform to a single issue: solving a homelessness crisis that has overwhelmed the nation’s most populous state in an era of unprecedented prosperity.  Read More

Many low-income Californians don’t use credit cards. Should stores be required to accept cash?
(BLACK VOICE) – Last May, Burger Patch first opened its doors in midtown Sacramento with a sign that said “No Cash Accepted.” The owners of the organic and vegan burger joint were worried that a cash register might invite theft. But customers kept showing up with only cash. Sometimes the cashiers would accept it, working around the digital system; other times, they’d simply give the customer a free meal. About a month in, Burger Patch changed course, deciding to install a cash register after all. Read More

Strategies to reverse the out-migration of African Americans from San Francisco
(SAN FRANCISCO BAY VIEW) – Since the onslaught of the urban removal of African Americans from the Fillmore District by the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency, the estimated 18 percent population of African Americans in the City has dropped to 3.5 percent. There are significant and shocking reasons why this has taken place. Below are strategies to correct some of the injustices and reverse this tragic out-migration. Read More

Can Eminent Domain Preserve L.A.’s Affordable Housing?
(SAN BERNARDINO AMERICAN) – It was 2018 when the city covenant that had kept the Hillside Villa apartment complex in Los Angeles affordable for 30 years finally expired. Soon, residents received one-year notices that their rents would be raised to market rate — a massive hike in gentrifying Chinatown. “In my case, [the landlord] wanted to raise my rent about $900,” says Alejandro Guitierez, who has lived in the complex for 23 years. Read More

California stopped charging parents for kids’ incarceration. So why are some still stuck owing thousands of dollars?
(BLACK VOICE) – When Andrew Simmons first started getting billed for his son’s stints in juvenile hall, he was shocked. “I just thought that was crazy. I mean you’re going to arrest my kid and then you’re going to charge me for it?” Simmons said. Simmons ended up owing nearly $14,000 to San Diego County, including $20 per day for his son’s 53 days in home supervision and $31 per day for his more than 400 days in juvenile detention, according to a county audit of his account. Read More

 New California Bill Aiming to Eliminate Racial And Other Biases in Hiring
(SACRAMENTO OBSERVER) – On Friday, lawmakers in California introduced SB 1241 or the Talent Equity for Competitive Hiring (TECH) Act. The bill sets a new legal high bar against discrimination in hiring by writing clear guidelines for employers to follow that allow them to modernize their recruiting processes using technological tools that reduce bias, leading to a more diverse workforce.  Read More

For People of Color, Gentrification is More a Curse than a Blessing
(SACRAMENTO OBSERVER) – From a dowdy provincial city in the 1980s, Philadelphia has become a world-class urban center through gentrification – primarily through landmark architecture that now sets the city center and University City, apart. Read More

 Bloomberg’s Bigoted Remarks: A Sincere or Lame Apology? Black Voters Will Decide
(BLACK VOICE) – “My problem with Mike Bloomberg is that he is not saying I’m sorry for targeting Black people. I’m sorry for treating Black people as second-class citizens. I’m sorry for gaslighting Black people for so long,” said comedian and “Daily Show” host Trevor Noah, reacting to news last week that the presidential candidate made racist and inaccurate comments without showing the slightest hint of remorse as he defended controversial policing tactics he supported while he was mayor of New York City. Read More  

$50 million Initiative for Students at Historically Black Colleges and Universities
(WESTSIDE STORY NEWS) – Initiative aims to provide scholarships, internships, entrepreneurship training, and leadership and career development to HBCU students at qualifying institutions, while also igniting giving from additional corporate partners to increase HBCU funding. Read More

 Fight Over Public Charge Rule Change Isn’t Over: Advocates Seek to Calm Fears
(BLACK VOICE) — These policies “disproportionately affect people of color,” she said, and make family reunifications more difficult. So as a society, we lose the common circumstance where immigrants bypass benefits because they are welcomed and helped by family that can provide child care, loans and more. Read More

Debate night brawl: Bloomberg, Sanders attacked by rivals
(SACRAMENTO OBSERVER) –  From the opening bell, Democrats savaged New York billionaire Mike Bloomberg and raised pointed questions about Bernie Sanders’ take-no-prisoners politics during a contentious debate Wednesday night that threatened to further muddy the party’s urgent quest to defeat President Donald Trump. Read More

Civil Rights Groups Seek Critical Information on Trump’s Muslim and African Ban
(SAN BERNARDINO AMERICAN) – Muslim Advocates and the NAACP Legal Defense & Educational Fund, Inc. (LDF) filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request seeking crucial information about the Trump administration’s recently expanded Muslim Ban. Proclamation 9983, which took effect last Friday, imposes immigration and travel restrictions on six African and Asian countries, all of which have significant Muslim populations. This new ban prevents more than a quarter of all Africans—including nationals from Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country—from immigrating to the U.S. It likewise impacts approximately 180 million Muslims worldwide. Read More

Major black donors unconvinced by 2020 candidates
(POLITICO) – Poll: Democrats underperforming with black voters Read More

Black and Latino Voters Are Looking for ‘More Than Just Some Token Words’
(NY TIMES) -Voters in Nevada and South Carolina face an all-white top tier of 2020 candidates that was winnowed down by a largely white electorate. Read More

Black And Brown New Yorkers Who Lived Under Mayor Bloomberg Are Urging Voters To Reject Him
(BUZZFEED) – A group of 90 New Yorkers of color who lived in the city during Michael Bloomberg’s time as mayor have signed onto a letter asking communities of color across the country to reject Bloomberg’s bid for president as Super Tuesday approaches. Read More

Dear Debate Moderators, There Are More ‘Black Issues’ Besides Crime and Poverty
(THE ROOT) – Being a black man in America may partially contribute to my mania, but I had very little input on that decision. Much like the people at ESPN who are obsessed with sports, or the Fox News analysts who are obsessed with whiteness, the fact that The Root actually pays me to talk about race contributes greatly to my negro-centric neurosis. So, if you’re reading this, you’re part of the problem. Read More

Despite confidence at debate, black support for Biden dropping
(WASHINGTON EXAMINER) – Joe Biden promised he’d win the upcoming South Carolina primary during his opening remarks at the Democratic debate, but recent polling shows his chances of earning his first primary victory are slipping.  Read More 

Louis Farrakhan says billionaires ‘paying off’ black preachers, politicians
(DETROIT FREE PRESS) – Speaking to a packed crowd of thousands Sunday afternoon in Detroit, minister Louis Farrakhan called upon America to repent for what he said are its sins of racism and moral decay while warning that billionaires are trying to buy black preachers and politicians. Read More

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