THIS WEEK’S TOP NEWS | March 11, 2020


Black Caucus Introduces Bill to Overturn Prop 209
(SACRAMENTO OBSERVER) – The California Legislative Black Caucus (CLBC) announced March 10 that it has introduced legislation to repeal proposition 209. The bill is called ACA 5 or the California Act for Economic Prosperity. Read More

A Deadly Mix: Hip Hop Mashed Up With Opioid Abuse in California
(SAN BERNARDINO AMERICAN) – About two years ago, Sacramento-based hip hop artist Timothy Patterson, who goes by the street name “Mozzy,” released a video letting his fans know that he was roughly two weeks into recovery. He had just kicked his drug addiction, the rapper said. Read More

California Democrats embrace a Socialist? We’ve been here before
(BLACK VOICE) – Ballots are still being tallied, but if nothing else, Sen. Bernie Sanders’ robust showing in the California Democratic primary proves this: In the state that gave the nation Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and the anti-tax revolt, a decisive chunk of the Democratic electorate is no longer allergic to the word “socialism.” Read More

California is taking aim at Uber and Lyft’s outsized climate consequences
(BLACK VOICE) – To understand California’s climate change challenge, look no further than its popular ride-hailing companies. Read More

Black California Has a Chance to Rewrite History in 2020
(BLACK VOICE) – Throughout the history of the United States, the Black community’s consistent fight for recognition has been an unfortunate and inescapable reality. Read More

Is Proposition 209 in the Way of Newsom’s Effort to Close the African American Student Achievement Gap?
(SACRAMENTO OBSERVER) – Is Proposition 209 in the Way of Newsom’s Effort to Close the African American Student Achievement Gap? In January when Governor Newsom briefed Californians on his 2020-21 Budget, he said the state’s investment in K-12 education was making progress, “it is stubborn and slow.” “Where we are not seeing progress is for African Americans.” Read More 

Corey Jackson To Become First African American Elected to Riverside County Board of Education
(WESTSIDE STORY NEWS) – In a historic win, Corey A. Jackson projected to become the first African American elected to be Riverside County Board of Education. After being outspent by over $100,000, Corey Jackson won convincingly defeating the California Charter School Association’s candidate. Read More
CDC Removes Data on Number of People Tested for Coronavirus from Website as Infection Numbers Spike
(SAN BERNARDINO AMERICAN) – On March 2, the Center of Disease Control abruptly postponed a press briefing on COVID-19, also known as coronavirus.  Later in the day it was discovered that the CDC removed the number of people being tested from a page on their website with other coronavirus information. Read More

Obama Care: “Weighing in the Balance” Before the U.S. Supreme Court . . . Again
(IE VOICE) – The passage of the Affordable Care Act affectionately referred to as “Obamacare” was a historic and monumental accomplishment when signed into law by former President Barack Obama nearly a decade ago on March 23, 2010.  Read More

Wrongfully convicted man who spent 23 years in prison will receive $1.5 million
(SAN BERNARDINO AMERICAN) – Lamonte McIntyre learned Monday he will receive $1.5 million for a wrongful conviction that resulted in him spending 23 years in a Kansas prison. Read More

Tackling a Trumpish America(IE VOICE) – The greatest threat to a Trumpish America is the intelligent, well-educated, well-spoken Black and Brown men and women who come together to lift the downtrodden, speak for those who have been looked over, left out, pushed out, thrown out, demeaned, disenfranchised and marginalized. Read More

Coronavirus gives you a reason to sing Steve Wonder’s “Happy Birthday” all the time
(BLACK & MAGAZINE) – Experts say you should wash your hands with water and soap for about 20 seconds to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. How do you keep track of hand sud time without risking water damage to your smartphone-slash-timer? Easy. Let’s start with a song every Black person in America knows. Read More

Trump works harder than the Democrats to reach black voters. That’s worrying
(THE GUARDIAN) – Trump spent $11m on a single television ad targeting African Americans. Democrats won’t cough up a fraction. Read More

San Diego Police Stop Black People at a Rate 219 Percent Higher Than White People
(ACLU) -A recent Campaign Zero report on disparities in police stops in San Diego shines a light on the racist policing prevalent throughout the country. Read More

The Black Person’s Guide to the Coronapocalypse
(THE ROOT) – There is an old black saying that goes: “When white folks catch a cold, black people get pneumonia.” Read More

Black voters deliver decisive victory for Biden in Mississippi
(THE HILL) – Former Vice President Joe Biden won the Mississippi primary on Tuesday, the latest in his string of victories in the Deep South, where black voters have turned out in big numbers to support his campaign. Read More

More black millennials are turning away from traditional religion to find their spirituality
(WCNC) – Traditional Christian beliefs are a known foundation of the black community, but more and more millennials are turning to new practices to connect with God.  Read More 

Black and white Democrats differ in their media diets, assessments of primaries
(PEW RESEARCH) – In the fateful four days from the South Carolina primary through Super Tuesday that transformed the battle for the Democratic presidential nomination, one recurring media narrative was – and continues to be today – the strong support for Joe Biden among black voters, support some analysts credit with saving the former vice president’s candidacy. Read More

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