What is California
Black Media?

California Black Media is a convener and trusted advocate for more than 30 independent Black-owned-and-operated news publishers, multimedia platforms and broadcasters across California.

At the core of our mission is a commitment to “plead our own cause,” a phrase inspired by the words and wisdom of activist, educator, and pioneering journalist Ida B. Wells.

Our programs are designed to support the work and strengthen the editorial capacity of our local media partners. We provide impartial, fact-based, and data-focused news coverage to our media partners, covering California politics, governmental affairs and policies that impact the overall health and quality of life of Black Californians.

A working partnership with Ethnic Media Services connects our organization to the journalism and conversations that unite, or may potentially divide, various ethnic communities across the state.

Our work also facilitates communication between Black Californians, policymakers, the Black Press, and community-based organizations, creating a communication loop that ensures African Americans are informed, engaged, and participating in the processes that strengthen and define our Democracy.



Our Network

Our circle of more than 30 media outlets across California facilitates communication among members of the Black Press and provides unique opportunities for collaboration and coordination.

More than 30
Independent Black-Owned
Media Outlets Working
to Serve California’s
African American

Our Philanthropic Partners

California Black Media has experience working with an array of organizations and agencies to address a wide range of important issues in California.